Sushi Chef SSG-SCS



  • The (suketto) employing urethane foam filler is in both the main unit and lid. The heat insulation and moisture retaining character makes it possible to form nigiri at an ideal temperature.
  • The softness mode makes it possible to set the softness of the rice at 10 different temperatures.
  • 10 level setting for nigiri is realised  over a wide range of rice quantities, from 0.56ozs (16g) 0.88ozs. (25g)
  • The rice  moves through an auger delivery mechanism which preserves the delicate texture of the rice. The vertical forming mechanism makes it possible to shape the nigiri with air pockets formed inside.


Model: SSG-SCS

Dimensions: Diameter: 17.5 in (445 mm) including lid

Height 15.4 in. (390 mm) excluding stand

Power Consumption: Operating state: maximum 40W, Standby state: maximum 10W

Capacity: Approximate nigiri: 0-1800 pieces/hr (20g/piece)  Approximate Rice ball: 0-750 pieces/hr (100g/piece)

Hopper Capacity: Approximately 3.16 gal (12 litres) of sushi rice

Rice Volume: Nigiri: approximately 0.56-0.88ozs (16-25g) 

Rice ball: approximately 1.76 – 3.35 ozs (50-100g)

Machine dimensions (in mm)

Weight: Approximately 28.63 lbs. (13 kg)

Power Cord: plug cable with ground terminal