KP720NA Rice Washer

Suzumo KP720NA

  • 60 kg of rice is being stocked by this machine.
  • Prevents from excessive moisture to stacked rice.
  • Reduces the washing time and uses less water for washing.
  • Its easily operated and very reliable.
  • Adjustable container stand provided.
  • A container sensor eliminates wasted rice.
  • Includes a reservation function

Model: Kubota Rice Washing Robo KP720NA-UL

Maximum Throughput: 6.0 kg

Setting quality of rice (one operation): 6.0kg, 5.5kg, 5.0kg, 4.5kg, 4.0kg, 3.5kg, 3.0kg

Power Consumption: 120V/60H/1.0A

Rated Inlet Water Pressure: 42~50PSI

Dimensions: 540 (W) x 645 (D) x 1756 (H)

Weight:  60kg

Rice Stock Quantity: 60kg