Sushi Rice Cooker SR-PGC54P-BI

SR-PGC54P-BI Rice Cooker



  • This sushi rice cooker uses electromagnetic induction heating (IH) system. The electromagnetic induction heating (IH) system  produces rice that has been deliciously steamed just like a conventional gas cooker does. Unlike gas cookers, however, IH systems do not radiate waste heat into the environment. The high level of power at 4,570 W minimises unevenness in cooking. The superb rice that results will set one’s business apart from the competition.
  • White rice, pre-washed rice, takikomi (rice mixed with assorted ingredients), sushi, rice porridge, and brown rice can be easily cooked.
  • Timer control can be set in this sushi rice cooker. This will further help in reducing the labour cost.
  • “The use of fuzzy logic” technology added to the cooker can change the heating according to the amount of rice.
  • This sushi rice cooker has a microcomputer control because it  helps in cooking rice immediately.
  • Digital displays that indicate time elapsed since cooker has been in cooking mode.


Model: SR-PGC54P-BI

Standard Power: 220 V, 50/6 0Hz, 1-phase/3-phase

Rice Cooking Capacity: During boiling: Approx. 4,570W

Polished rice: 1.8-5.4L

Boiled rice with assorted ingredients: 1.8-3.6L

Pre-washed rice: 1.8-5.4LSushi rice: 1.8-5.4L

Full serving of rice porridge: 0.7-1.5L

Half serving of rice porridge: 0.5-0.9L

Brown rice: 1.8-3.6L

Power Cable Length: 1.5 m

Weight: SR-PGC54P-BI: Approx. 16.2 kg

Dimensions: Approx. 502 w x 429 d x 390 h mm