Non Slip Mat

  • This waterproof non- slip mat is a for multi purpose use.
  • Even when it is wet, it does not loses its grip.
  • Flexible yet firm enough to stand on its own for easy washing and drying.
  • Dishwasher safe bleach safe.
  • Can be cut into any size as desired.
  • Can be used to opening jars as it has a firm and solid grip.

Model Name         SIze

FYS – S                 200mm   x   125mm

FYS –  M                250mm   x   150mm

FYS – L                  300mm   x   200mm

FYS – 4020            400mm   x   200mm

FYS – 5025             500mm   x   250mm

FYS – 6030            600mm    x   300mm


  • Due to the wide open rods and the design its easy to clean and wash these whisks
  • Solid grip of the whisk makes it easy to use.
  • Due to the solid grip design the liquid does not enter the grip side.
  • The wire rods are firmly fixed to the grip.
  • It is dishwasher safe and bleach safe.
  • Comes in different colours and sizes

Model Name          Length            Grip Length

FWS – 30               300mm           125mm

FWS – 40               400mm           165mm

FWS – 50               500mm            200mm

FWS – 60               600mm            280mm



  • Stubborn dirt can be removed from using the rough side of the scrapers. 
  • The cutting boards surface can be made smooth by using the other side of the scraper.
  • With its patented technology the abrasion paper hardly peels off.
  • Can be cleaned easily just by using plain water.
  • Once finished with scraping, just wash the cutting board with cleaning agent.
  • Comes in one single size.

Model Name: CBS

Size 30 x 50 x 115mm



Model Name            Size

CBS – 115P              30 X 50 X 115mm