Japanese Utensil (Spatula for Commercial use)

Mixing Spatula (Commercial Spatula)

  • Heat Resistance up to 130 degree c
  • The slippery material at the top helps prevents food from sticking. It also prevents pots from scratching.
  • It is easy to handle because it is lightweight and rigid.
  • Through washing can be easily done due to its simple and flat shape.
  • Comes in various size.
  • These spatulas are for commercial use only.

Model Name        Length

FSO – 30               300 mm

FSO – 40               400 mm

FSO – 50                500 mm

FSO – 60                600 mm

FSO – 90                900 mm

FSO – 120              1200 mm


Hangiri Spatula

  • Most popular for sushi rice mixing
  • Made from plastic resin hence its less prone to rice sticking
  • No wood waste and black molds as it is made with plastic resin
  • The thin head at the top makes it easy to handle
  • The head comes with a wave like pattern structure.
  • Different sizes are available.

Model Name                      Length

FSOG – 40                         400 mm

FSOG – 45                         450 mm

Ramen Spatula

  • Used for Ramen noodle
  • Makes mixing easy due to its design and long handle
  • The head of the spatula makes it easy to mix ramen soup.
  • Easy to wash and clean.

Model Name                  Length

FSOE – 90                      900 mm

FSOE – 120                    1200 mm