Rice Blending machine

Cooked Rice Mixer “SHARIKKA” MCR-ASB-CE

  • The Sharikka MCR automatically produces perfect sushi rice each time through a mixing process and covers each grain of rice with a layer of colloid. This assures that the rice stays firm and moist and that it retains its flavour.
  • The Sushi Rice is cooled evenly and mixed with the vinegar with aeration mixing.
  • The shari is discharged from the Sharikka drum with the NEW Automatic Discharge or through a simple button operated method.
  • Three different mixing settings are available depending on the type of rice used. Pre-set operating programs determine the length of the different mixing processes.
  • Washable parts can be dismantled and reassembled without tools.
  • NEW style Drum from high grade non-stick resin for very quick and easy cleaning while being light in weight
Rice Amount Capacity Maximum 12kg of cooked rice.