Ice Machines

IM Range

  • The IM ice maker range utilise an ice making system that has an automatic rise cycle. After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir will drain and refill with water.
  • A stainless steel exterior with integrated door handles provides a hygienic and high quality.
  • Removable door gaskets prevent any heat and contamination from entering in the bin.
  • A closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection, by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process.
  • Easy cleanable air filter allows user to carry out routine cleaning schedule.
  • The ice maker is electronically controlled so need for physical adjustments.

FM Range

  • The FM range produces flake or nugget ice. It uses the most effective ice making process due to the unique auger system
  • Flake ice applications include food processing, fish and fresh produce display and organ transportation in medical arena.
  • Nugget ice applications include display of packaged produce such as bottled beverages and food or key ingredient in cocktail.
  • Ice maker in this range can be converted to either flake or nugget ice, providing a higher level of flexibility than other machines on the market.

KM Range

  • KM range machines produce clear, crescent shaped ice. The unique shape is built from inside out with an internal temperature of 4 degrees C. 
  • Cubes produced are crystal clear as only the purest water molecules will freeze.
  • Due to half -moon shaped and the consistent cube size, maximum storage bin capacity is optimised.
  • An easily cleanable filter allows users to carry out routine cleaning themselves.
  • Double sided ice making surface. This requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby saving energy consumption.

Am Compact Ice Maker

  • Compact design fits under any counter.
  • Ice production appox. 26 kg per hour.
  • Front venting for built-in or free standing installation.
  • Individual jet system for more consistent ice production.
  • Auto shut off if and when the ice bin is full.
  • Front power switch with adjustable thermostat.
  • Durable exterior and finger proof resistant.