Nigiri Sushi Machine

Sushi Machine SSF-CXA

  • This nigiri sushi machine forms perfect rice balls for nigiri sushi 
  • Simple design, minimum parts, easy to operate and maintain
  • Perfect sushi shape in just 2 steps that is rice gripping and forming mechanism
  • Adjustable weight and hardness of sushi can also be done.

Model: SSF-CXA-CE (Confirmed certification of CE regulations)

Input: AC 100 – 240V,50 / 60 Hz Single phase (SSF-CXA-CE)

Power Consumption 150 W

Capacity: Approx 2000 piece per/hr

Hopper Capacity: 10 liters of cooked rice

Sushi Size : Length 52*22 (mm), 12-18 g weight, Length 54*25 (mm), 18- 20 g weight 

Machine dimensions (in mm): Width: 320 mm Depth: 520 mm Height: 630 mm

Weight: 35 kg