Induction Heated Sushi rice cooker (SR-PGC36-BI)




  • This sushi rice cooker makes delicious sushi rice.
  • Induction Heating (IH) prepares the rice with greater caloric value than conventional gas systems
  • This new method uses electromagnetic force to heat the rice pot all over rather than just the bottom.
  • Features an built in timer so the cooker can start itself in the morning before you arrive and has keep rice warm function.
  • Easy to set timer control.
  • This sushi rice cooker has a microcomputer control that enables users to cook immediately after the rice has been washed.
  • Digital display indicates time elapsed since the cooker has been in cooking mode.


Power Consumption: Single Phase 220v, 50/60  HZ plug, 2900 W

Capacity : 0.9 – 3.6 ltr (0.75-3kg)

Dimensions: 51cm x 35cm High