Japanese Soup Dispensing Machine

Miso Soup Dispenser

Miso Soup Dispenser
  • User friendly dispenser serves perfect bowls of miso soup
  • Adjustable temperature, saltiness and serving size
  • Simple to operate with minimal maintenance required
  • Build in control panel for customised serving.
  • No left over miso soup to dispose

Model: LCA-1 MS230VCE

Dimensions: 270 (W) x 500 (D) x 460 (H) mm

Power Consumption: 11.5amp (2.6 Kw)

Dispensing capacity: 5 Cups/180cc continuous

Ingredient set value: Small cup: 9g – 67g, Large cup: 18g – 101g

Hot water set value: Small cup: 120cc – 470cc, Large cup: 240cc – 710cc

Weight: 19.1kg