Stainless steel Rice Cooker


  • An electric-powered rice cooker that uses a steam capture method based on a thermistor that detects the temperature of the steam from the boiling rice to control how much it is cooked.
  • Employs a drawer-style method wherein the cooked-rice tub sits on a drawer and is pulled out from inside.
  • Timer-equipped model also available for scheduling cooking times in advance.

Model: FRC-54NC, FRC-108NC, FRC-162NC

Overall Dimensions: 750 w x 600 d x 517 h mm (FRC54NC), 750 w x 650 d x 964 h mm (FEC108NC), 750 w x 650 d x 1,381 h mm (FRC162NC)

Case Material: Stainless steel plate SUS430

Door: Stainless steel plate SUS430

Power Supply: 3P 400 V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 5.4 kW (FRC54NC), 5.4 kW x 2 (FRC108NC), 5.4 kW x 3 (FRC162NC)

Maximum Current in Normal Situation: 20 A (FRC54NC), 40 A (FRC108NC), 60 A (FRC162NC)

Rice Cooker Capacity: 2.8 kg to 5 kg (FRC54NC), 2.8 kg to 10.0 kg (FRC108NC), 2.8 kg to 15.0 kg (FRC162NC)

Controlling Method: Thermistor

Attachement: (Rice Cooking Pot)

One pot φ490 x 190 h mm with Teflon coating