Cutting board Lifter


  • Maintains the hygiene of the cutting board. It also makes the reverse side of cutting board available instantly.
  • The wet proof grip mats are mounted to hold cutting boards in place.
  •  Comes in different heights so makes it easy to chop anything.
  • The elevated position of cutting boards enables boards efficiency o produce delicate cuttings.
  • The space provided below the cutting boards can be used for placing trays or plates or any utensils.



Model Name         Height        Length        Width

 FLF20 – 230         20mm        230mm       35mm

FLF20 – 300           20mm       300mm        35mm

FLF20 – 390           20mm       390mm        35mm

FLF45 – 230           45mm       230mm        50mm

FLF45 – 300           45mm       300mm        50mm 

FLF45-  390            45mm      390mm        50mm   

FLF90 – 300           90mm      300mm        120mm

FLF90 – 390            90mm      390mm        120mm

FLF120- 300           120mm    300mm       120mm

FLF120 – 390          120mm     390mm      120mm

FLF150 – 300          150mm     300mm      120mm

FLF150 – 390          150mm     390mm       120mm