Rice Dispenser Machine GST – FFB

Shariben-Rice Dispenser GST – FFB

  • Rice warming hopper will keep the rice temperature higher than 70 degree Celsius for 4 hours to serve the hot rice on plate.
  • Displaying the remaining rice volume in hopper can help in planning of rice cooking time.
  • The new measuring system in this rice dispenser improves the rice weight accuracy.
  • Minimum rice serving operation time is also available in this rice dispenser.
  • This rice dispenser dispenses rice automatically in proper portion. Once the rice is dispensed another portion is already at stand by mode for next shot.


Capacity: 5 seconds / 250g serving, Maximum 720 servings per hour (subject to rice condition)

Power Frequency Single Phase AC-220 – 240V

Power consumption: 400W

Hopper Capacity: Approx. 14L (Approx.9kg of cooked rice)

Measuring Range: 50g-500g 7pattern selection

Temperature keep:More tahn 4 hours for over 70 degree celsius

Environment: Inside the room under 10-40 degree celsius. Surroundings : 30 – 90% Humidity

Dimensions 395W x 529D x 609.5H mm 

Weight: Aprox. 32kg