Nigiri Sushi

Compact Sushi Machine SSN-JLX

Creates ultimate fluffy shari (rice) balls around 4800 pieces per hour
Sushi Machine

Nigiri Sushi Making Machine JLX-TRS

Makes perfect sushi and adds it to the fixed tray provided.
Sushi Machine

Nigiri Sushi Machine SSG-SCS

Both nigiri or rice ball is made at the right temperature with this machine
Sushi Machine

Sushi making and Packing Machine SGP-SNB

Makes nigiri and wraps nigiri and maki
Sushi Machine

Entry Model of Sushi Making SSF-CXA

Entry model for Nigiri Sushi making machine
Sushi Machine

Maki Sushi

Sushi Roll Making Machine SVR-BXA

Suitable for Rice outside rolls (Uramaki) such as California Roll
Sushi Machine

Rice Sheet Making Machine SVR-NYA

Makes Beautiful rice sheet for roll sushi. It is very fast and consistent.
Sushi Machine

Roll Sushi Making Machine SNVR-XA

Best suitable model for traditional Nori (seaweed).
Sushi Machine

Automatic Sushi Roll Cutter SVC-ATC

Simple to operate and gives professional cutting quality. 
Sushi Machine

Rice Dispenser

Shariben-Robot GST – FFB

Right amount of rice is dispensed using this machine.
Sushi Machine